A free year of United Club and other benefits

I have a bit of trouble justifying the annual fee for lounge access. The product offered in most domestic airports isn’t that great and with elite status I get in to the international lounges, so I’m mostly covered there. But I can understand that some folks who spend more time in airports domestically might enjoy the option. And, for another two weeks, there is a promotion running that can get you a year of access for free.

The United MileagePlus United Club Card (I may have gotten the name wrong, but you get the idea) offers a full lounge membership and a few other decent benefits, like 1.5 miles per dollar and no foreign exchange fees. Normally it is $395/year which, as noted above, is more than I’m willing to pay for it. But through 31 May 2012 it is possible to get the first year free thanks to promotion codes that are being handed out in the United Club lounges. No, I have no idea why they’re giving them away for free to the folks already inside, but that’s how they’re promoting it.


Anywho, thanks to my mileage run this past weekend and some friends I was traveling with I’m sitting on a stack of promo codes for the first year free. Many of them are spoken for but I have five left (and possibly more if the others come back unused) that I’m looking to give away.

If you want one, leave a comment. Doesn’t have to be anything earth-shattering, just an indication that you want one. And make sure that the email address you leave when posting the comment is valid. If more than five folks want them then I’ll pick randomly on Monday morning EDT and will send out emails to the winners.

For other details on the card click here.

And, just in case anyone thinks I’ve changed my mind on the topic, no, I do not earn anything on these referrals. I actually don’t think it is that great a card. But it doesn’t suck if you get it for free.

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Seth Miller

I'm Seth, also known as the Wandering Aramean. I was bit by the travel bug 30 years ago and there's no sign of a cure. I fly ~200,000 miles annually; these are my stories. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


  1. I would love to get one. One benefit they don’t advertise enough is primary insurance coverage for rental cars, like Diners Club.

  2. Continuing to prove that the $450 fee for platinum Amex is worth it considering free lounge access on AA / DL / US, $200 incidental airline fee credit, SPG Gold, Hertz Gold (with no underage fees), Avis status, National status, rental car insurance, Tripit Membership, Fine Hotels benefits,point transfers, purchase protection/warrianties/returns…..the list goes on and on!

    1. I’m not at all worried about “fine print” in this case, Kris. Since I’m not offering links which provide me with income for folks signing up for the UA/Chase CCs I’m pretty sure that Chase cannot tell me to pull the links.

      @Noah: I’m pretty sure that AmEx killed the TripIt benefit. And most of the others you listed are very much a YMMV sort of thing. FHR has been nearly worthless to me in the 8 years I’ve had the card, for example. I’ve used it exactly twice and I’m pretty sure a Virtuoso agent could do just as well without an annual fee. I still carry the AmEx, but I consider canceling it every year. This year is the closest I’ve come in a while. The benefits really are dwindling for my needs.

      To everyone else, glad there is so much interest; I’m sorry I didn’t grab more from the lounges this past week.

  3. This card is a good deal if you need a membership and would have to pay for it from your own pocket. Even better if you are not an elite member. And great if it’s free!

  4. I believe the reason for giving them out for free inside the club is (1) people inside the club can probably afford it and are a good target audience, and (2) if you already have a membership, you get a pro-rated refund, so you still get the first year free, in a sense.

  5. @Seth — IMHO, now that bmi is in hopsice, the best way to get UA Club access is to credit 20k to A3 for 3 years *G.

  6. nevermind, dont want one….too many cards to get a new one, hahahaha

  7. Well, seems like an interesting idea. It would mean I can enjoy lounge access while I’m going up to the travel ladder back to higher elite status. Thank you for the opportunity!

  8. Huh. I kept seeing the tables in the clubs, but I never went over since I’m reasonably happy with my Mileage Plus Visa Signature Platinum Class. Had I known, though, I might have considered this, either in addition to or to replace my current UA card (and refund my membership). Torn, now…

  9. Hi. I’m mainly a delta girl but have added some United flying into the mix including two flights to Memphis in the fall. I was thinking it would be great to check out the card and have lounge access. Thx. Kathy

  10. I’m pretty new to the whole points and miles thing and I’ve never had access to lounges. It would be great to try this out. I would love one of those codes. Thanks so much πŸ™‚

  11. I wouldn’t mind having one! I’m one transatlantic trip away from Star Alliance Gold and I wouldn’t mind having access when I transfer in the States. Thanks in advance!

  12. Would love one for my wife. She travels a lot usually on Delta, but has 4 trips on United by Sept, would make a nice surprise!!!

  13. I’d like one as well. While domestic lounges are nothing special, they beat sitting with the herd at the gate.

  14. I think I could handle a free year of lounge access… sure, toss my name into the hat, too.

  15. Indie filmmaker here (read low-budget endeavors) would greatly appreciate a Christmas-in-May gift that I would not otherwise spend on myself.

  16. would be great for all those upcoming domestic UA flights! the trailmix and carrots get old pretty quick but it sure beats sitting outside.

  17. May I have one please? My daughter will be a college freshman in the fall and I foresee lots of flying coast to coast πŸ™

  18. I would read the fine print before giving them away. Mommy Points was doing a give away for codes and apparently she was not allowed to, it was swapped out for a $100 United gift certificate (which I ended up winning).

  19. Seth, I’d like to be in your lottery for the United Club card promo code – thanks!

  20. I would appreciate receiving a code. I’ve considered upgrading my current Chase card, this would be a nice change.

  21. Thanks for offering your extra promo codes to everyone. I would love to get one also! Thanks

  22. I would like to have one as i have some summer trips coming up.

    Thanks in Advance.

  23. Would very much desire one, a retired/widowed United FF. Have hundreds of thousand UA FF miles. Having access to club/lounges would be delightful. Retired military.

    Thank you.


  24. Would love to have one. Ever since my heart surgery I am not able to travel as much and lost my elite status, so it would be great to be able to use the United Lounge Room again.

  25. I am already a card holder but hubby is not. He will be traveling solo soon and could really benefit by his own card membership. Would love one for him please!

  26. Seminary student studying abroad in Greece and Israel. Also traveling to Turkey, Brazil, and making trips back to the United States to visit my niece and Goddaughter. Running the New York Marathon in November and need to fly to NYC from abroad. It would mean a lot to me and I would really appreciate the promo code as I anticipate many delays!


  27. Please put my name in the hat for your drawing, and thanks for your kind offer!

  28. Please include me in the drawing. ‘will be traveling international on UAL and this will be helpful. Thanks!

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