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  1. MarkXS
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    “enhanced” is always a scary word when it comes to FF programs! But still-in-business is better than “former airline” – and that’s what JAL almost was a few years ago. So the money that BA and AA sunk into keeping JAL flying and keeping JAL in oneworld looks well-spent.

    Though this doesn’t directly impact the Americas, nor any airline based in the Americas, it makes oneworld stronger. Which also helps American Airlines with its weak position in a weak alliance right now. And may inform the final decision that LATAM (LAN/TAM merger) airlines may make about a single alliance for their new merged entity, something I’ve been writing about lately.

    I think it makes my out-there speculation that LAN wants to dump oneworld less likely. Though until I see the “AviancaTaca is now an official Star Alliance Member” announcement, I’m still saying nothing is certain.

    BA/Iberia/BMI parent IAG is getting rather strong these days. Getting ATI with JAL is yet another recent win for them.