Checking in: A room with a view at the El Conquistador Resort

It is hard to know for certain that the room we had at the El Conquistador Resort near Fajardo, Puerto Rico is typical. I say that because the property is huge. It has nearly 1000 rooms scattered across several buildings and a number of different configurations to choose from on the website. We booked a "normal" ocean view room with two beds and that’s exactly what we got.


The front desk agent mentioned an upgrade due to HHonors Gold status; I believe that got us the balcony as not all the rooms I saw had those. Having the balcony was actually incredibly nice. We spent a decent amount of room time out there, listening to the ocean (and the incredibly loud funicular) and watching the days roll by.


We also received two free "welcome drinks" for the Gold status which ended up being just whatever we wanted at a few of the bars on property rather than some specific schlock. That was a nice touch. And two free bottles of water in the room. Not daily, but for the entire stay.

The bathroom portion of the room was surprisingly large. There was a separate make-up table in addition to the wide sink-top counter. Plenty of room to spread out all of our scuba gear to dry after a week of diving.


And the closet is also part of the bathroom; a large, walk-in closet which could probably pass as second bedroom in a Manhattan apartment. Impressive for someone (like me) not used to closets that large.


One strange part of the room is that the bathtub is recessed into the floor. You step down into it rather than over the lip into it. A bit weird, though I suppose having the very high ceiling in the bathroom was vaguely interesting.


No mini-fridge in the room was a bit of a disappointment. We got by, keeping the beer we brought in from the grocery in the ice bucket. Still, it would have been nice to have that option available to keep snacks and such stocked, particularly given the low quality and high prices of stuff out in the resort.

Not the most modern of facilities nor the most amazing room. Quite reasonable and very much in line with what I was expecting, but nothing amazing. I’m generally not a resort person and I cannot say that either the room or the other facilities at the El Conquistador have swayed me from that bias. But it was a very reasonably room overall; definitely didn’t detract from the stay and actually offset some of the other negatives.

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Seth Miller

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  1. While that room is not spectacular, unless you are Hotel Queens, you probably didn’t use it for anything more than showering and sleeping. I cannot find any reference to price paid – or standard rate. If there is o ne thing that irks me beyond all else in foreign hotels, it is the bottled water game. If, for whatever reason, the tap water is not potable, a daily supply of drinking water should be provided. They don’t need to provide enough to wash your hair or feet, but the DO need to supply enough for drinking and oral hygiene. Depending upon climate, that m eans 1 or 2 litres per day and NO, they cannot charge extra for it.

    1. Not spectacular but also not awful. And, no, I don’t generally spend much time in the room. If you look at some of my historical reviews you’ll see that I often stay in relatively cheap “holes” and I like them well enough, certainly for the price.

      And I drank the tap water all week long without issue.

  2. Kind of looks like a college dorm room…this was a Waldorf=Astoria? Ugh… 🙁

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