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  1. Lawrence
    Lawrence at |

    We looked at that resort for a future stay and the idea of taking that long to the beach was a big no. This place seems like a dump.

    I seems to me it is like the Hilton in Kona. I was there and it was in my opinion a large dump. Nothing nice at all. (Ok – maybe nice, but not luxury). Maybe cheap on points and people can say that they went to HI, but you get what you pay for! We ended up at the W Vieques Island. Should be much nicer.

  2. john
    john at |

    I would’ve stayed at the Embassy Suites in Dorado instead. More conventional looking but the food and service are top notch. So’s the golf by the way.

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  4. Chad
    Chad at |

    I would agree with Lawrence. I just checked out yesterday from this resort and it was awful. The place is horribly run down (sink in the room held up by plywood, ripped up tile, rusty/corroded fixtures, doorknobs) and the service was even worse. I certainly will not be returning.

  5. Rebecca D.
    Rebecca D. at |

    We stayed in a 3 bedroom villa which was very nice, but far from the main resort amenities.. The other downside is that for a few days we were there it was too windy for the ferry to operate so we couldn’t enjoy the beach. Overall it was just too big a property for me to return.

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