First photos from inside the Lufthansa 748i

Lufthansa is hosting two events today in Frankfurt for the launch of the 747-8i. The first, focused on the press, was this afternoon and saw a couple hundred guests roaming around Hangar 7 (a/k/a the A380 hangar) and inside the aircraft. There were also many senior executives on hand to talk about everything from pilot certification on the new type (super easy) to the A+ pier at FRA to in-flight connectivity.

Getting inside the aircraft was the most exciting part for me. We got to try out all three cabins (yes, I tested my seat for the flight tomorrow to make sure I’m going to survive) and roam the plane pretty much anywhere we wanted. It was awesome. And these are the photos.

First Class:




Business Class:

Economy Class:



I’ve got a bunch more, either on my FaceBook page or in the original gallery. More coming later after my next visit this evening.

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Seth Miller

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  1. how were the cubby holes for your feet in the C cabin??
    Small? did you sit next to someone in the C seat, how did things look spacing wise?

  2. Thanks for the pics! Didn’t realize that F has moved to the nose section … I guess they don’t get the seat + bed like on the regular 747s. But at least there’s seating for one couple and only 8 seats in the section.

    Looks like in J, it’d be best to get a center section seat if you don’t want to play footsie with your neighbor.

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