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  1. Rayn
    Rayn at |

    At the very least, they think differently.

  2. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Granted I don’t have the specifications in front of me, but 6’3″ me cringes at the thought of sitting on the lower level of an A320 with a ceiling that is flat like the one in the rendering.

    Also, doesn’t seem like there’d be much room for cargo with a double-decker configuration like that, and that seems to be a pretty good revenue stream for many airlines.

    Having said that, I’m all for innovative ideas if they enhance the travel experience!

  3. Richard Chen
    Richard Chen at |

    RyanAir will take this even further with crouching-room only.

  4. Carl
    Carl at |

    It certainly a high production value video, so it sounds for real. I think it’s designed for short haul, so assume not much baggage. I think they deal with baggage that cannot fit under the seat in front of you with those rotating lockers in the boarding area.

    For short-haul, which many intra-European flights are, it’s possible this could work. I’m thinking Ryan and Easy.

  5. oliver2002
    oliver2002 at |

    If you want to see real nutty stuff you should visit the aicraft interiors show in Hamburg. Like carshows, the concepts never make it, but some components do!

  6. RandyH
    RandyH at |

    I like the idea of having some double-wide bench seats for larger passengers or 2 people traveling together. Sell it as a single-unit large seat for 1 or 2 pax so you’re never forced to be intimate with a stranger but you can be with your chosen partner. And share one larger TV screen. I’d happily pay double for it. Cozy.