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  1. D Olsen
    D Olsen at |

    How was El Conquistador for you? There have been so many mixed reviews on that property but we are booked to stay there in September.

  2. Phil
    Phil at |

    Nice pictures. What camera do you use underwater?

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  4. D Olsen
    D Olsen at |

    Great thanks for the info, we have a car and plan on eating off site most of the time. Looking forward to the posts and any restaurant suggestions if you found some good ones!

  5. ikonos
    ikonos at |

    @D Olsen The resort is just ok and as seth mentioned the food sucks and in my opinion the resort does not deserve the Waldorf brand. I stayed there over the Easter weekend and was disappointed in general. The island they ferry you off to for beach access takes 30 mins each way to stand in line, board the ferry and get off etc and the water around the island is full of dead corals and rocks that you really need some sort of footwear to walk in the water. Having said that I love to read Seth’s opinion when he posts in the coming days.

  6. D Olsen
    D Olsen at |

    Thanks Ikonos, good to know that about the island.

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