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  1. Dave
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    My wife and I flew Jetblue last weekend down to SJU. So far the terminal is pretty barren – nothing more than a bar, a gelato place, and a pre-made sandwich place (granted the first two could get me pretty far.) The gates that the JFK flights were leaving from Monday night were at the far end of the terminal. Seating was plentiful, unfortunately outlets were not except for some built into high standing tables by the windows (and who wants to stand while waiting around). Also, the space is vast, and their A/C couldn’t quite handle it (yet). Slightly odd is that the gate agents for those gates (A6 and A7 notably along with A5) are nowhere near the respective jetways but centrally located close to gate A5. When boarding commenced, an agent ran down to the podium near the door to the jetway for the boarding process.

    Their agents tried to be nice, but were nothing spectacular. Hopefully they are still hiring down there, as they seemed a little short-staffed. Operations to JFK (and most other northeast destinations) were a humongous, gigantic mess Monday and Tuesday morning (not their GAs’ fault) and the staff was not the most efficient, helpful, or sympathetic.

  2. Louie
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    Sorry to hear that, Dave. I’m pretty sure things will be functioning normally at Jet Blue’s new home in San Juan in
    due time. It’s not the first time I hear of some sort of chaos taking place at any given airport when a new terminal opens up. As you know, Jet Blue has come a long way & the last thing they want is inadequate service at any of their terminals.

    I’m planning to go down there early next year so let’s see how things are running at that terminal once I get there.

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