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  1. Kerwin
    Kerwin at |

    Yeah, I hate stereotypes; I had a blast in The Ukraine (:-)) [Kiev] when I visited although it took us forever to navigate to our hotel :-).

  2. Tootaltofly
    Tootaltofly at |

    Try going to south or Eastern Ukraine. It’s nothing like Kiev. Spent four years going in and out of Ukraine. Still very depressed place. Kiev is just a veneer

  3. Panda
    Panda at |

    You not say Ukraine weak!

  4. OG
    OG at |

    definitely go to st sophia, its right across from the hyatt (have been to ukraine 4 times for work), and go in, inside is very neat. the church opposite st. stophia is not as impressive and cant remember if i went in or not, but make sure you go to the park dedicated to the victims of Chernobyl (also an interesting place to actually visit if you are up for that sort of thing), the park is a few blocks past the opera, have an ice cream. and the motherland statue.. Im glad you are there in July, i had to go twice during Jan and Feb, and i froze my you know what off.

  5. Been there
    Been there at |

    Too many russian there.

  6. Boraxo
    Boraxo at |

    Coincidentally i am also in Kiev this week. The food is good here and the city is very pretty. But it all masks sOme economic troubles and dont forget to visit Babiyar to remember the nazi massacres.

  7. Confused
    Confused at |

    @Been There

    You mean, Russian speakers? Hilarious comment…


    If you want to get an impression of “Soviet”, try going to (and into) some of the 60-70’s apartment buildings, walk up and down the stairs or take an elevator. This is where the true “Soviet” spirit lives on in the countries of former USSR.