JetBlue to launch service from Providence

UPDATED (11:08am EDT 18 July):

JetBlue announced Providence, RI as their newest destination today with service starting November 29, 2012. The carrier will offer three daily departures, two serving Orlando and one serving Fort Lauderdale. The flights are timed to connect onward to additional cities from Orlando. The carrier notes Aguadilla, Puerto Rico; Nassau, Bahamas and Montego Bay, Jamaica as natural connections in their release while the website still lists San Juan, Ponce and Austin as connecting destinations.

The carrier has also announced an introductory fare sale with one-way flights starting at $75.

The schedule for flights is as follows:



Original post below:

In a much anticipated move JetBlue will announce service from Providence, RI today. An official statement is not yet available but the company website has PVD listed as an origin airport and it offers six destinations:


None of the flights are loaded in public timetables yet so it is not entirely clear what the timing or connections will be but a bit of inference and conjecture suggests that the Austin, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale flights will be non-stop service with the Puerto Rico destinations served as connections via Orlando.

An official announcement is expected at 11am EDT.

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  1. So was Southwest’s new service to PBI meant as a stab to Jetblue? Beat them to the punch?

    Glad to see B6 grow with a domestic city!

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