More photos from Kiev

It is just after 10pm local time and train 105, the overnight ride to Odessa, has just pulled out of the station in Kiev. We’re on board in a 2nd class cabin (4 beds, 2×2) and getting ready to settle in for the night, hoping for at least a couple hours of sleep before we hit the beach tomorrow. But before I sleep I wanted to share a few more photos from our day in Kiev. Not a lot of words about them right now, mostly because I started in on the bottle of vodka to help me sleep through the ride, but I’ll have more stories coming later. Suffice it to say that the Chernobyl museum was very well done and the other churches we visited today were most impressive. Here are a few examples of how.




And probably my favorite of the day:


More posts (hopefully with more coherent content) soon. First, I’ve gotta catch some shuteye. Only 7 more hours until we’re pulling in to Odessa.

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