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  1. DCA consolidation to the south pier (sCO gates) - July 10, 2012 - FlyerTalk Forums

    […] that the DCA operations will consolidate on Tuesday. They're getting gates 14 & 16 from DL. I'm a big fan of this move. I love the old PClub location there and that checkpoint has TSA PreCheck. __________________ […]

  2. Gary
    Gary at |

    The old UA pier is getting pre-check as well, the security lanes have been reconfigured sometime in the past week — one lane with metal detector only, and two lanes with nude-o-scopes (the nude-o-scopes are new). There’s also a sign that ‘PreCheck is coming’.

    The elimination of the split operation should be good to solve customer confusion. And I’m with you — keeping the lounge near the ex-Continental gates is good news for United flyers. That’s the old ‘Formal Dining Room’ for the airport. And it’s a great space.

  3. EO
    EO at |

    The RCC will become a US club in about a month.

  4. Will
    Will at |

    But it now makes it harder for UA and US connections. Before you could take a secure bus but now you will be required to go thru the check point.

    1. Seth
      Seth at |

      Yes, WIll, those connections will be a bit harder. But I doubt anyone at US or UA really cares all that much. There aren’t really all that many great routes or interline connections which transit DCA which either carrier benefits enough from to make that something that they want to push rather than keeping passengers on their own metal.