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  1. Cory
    Cory at |

    Not sure I’d ever trust an airline to handle my bags longer than is absolutely necessary without losing it or stealing from it.

  2. Ray
    Ray at |

    Ha, my wife and I were on AA First class from PVG to BWI a month ago and AA damaged two of our checked bags. Wonder how they would accomplish this.

  3. Rapid Travel Chai
    Rapid Travel Chai at |

    This can really work for a family in a place like NYC where taxi/car service costs are high and public transport is not designed to accommodate even a shopping bag. Even the luggage carts are something like $5.

  4. colleen
    colleen at |

    Not that I’d use it, but I wonder if it’d be Amex Plat reimbursable (due to the 3rd Party mention)

  5. victor
    victor at |

    And when something is stolen from the bag (valuable or not) who can you point the finger at?

  6. HikerT
    HikerT at |

    Great idea. Could be a money loser due to anti-selection bias.

  7. FullMoon
    FullMoon at |

    This service might be especially useful for college students moving into dorms far from home; the timing of the announcement suggests AA is also mindful of this.