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  1. progapanda
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    Wow, surreal. This is why one travels I suppose.

  2. Confused
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    Former USSR has a pretty solid understanding of United States history… as something that played out between cowboys and Indians. Quite amusing at times, other times just… wow. Welcome to that particular experience!

  3. Lark
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    Saw a similar thing at Legoland in Denmark!

    It was not a pow wow, but they had a teepee set up and an Indian chief. Fire burning, and the kids could get a piece of bread, put it on a stick, and roast it over the campfire.

    The kids loved it, my wife and I thought it was funny to run in to an Indian encampment in Billund in the middle of Denmark…

    ‘Chief Longears is almost synonymous with LEGOREDO Town at LEGOLAND Billund. In the chief’s Indian village there is always room for a new member of the tribe – and there is always a fire ready for baking campfire bread. This attraction is very popular with children and their families.’

  4. Miriam
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    Actually, there is a long-standing tradition of shamanism in Eastern Russia (Siberia) and there are a lot of cultural relations between those practices and certain Native American ones. My guess is that the link is via the Cossack traditions, not the American West.

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