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  1. Deirdre
    Deirdre at |

    My usual approach is to start moving my meals to the new time zone over a three-day period before departure (by ~1 hr/day), then stick to that. I don’t shift my sleep schedule until I’m in transit, but I find that meal shifting does help.

  2. FEV
    FEV at |

    Very interesting information. Thank you. I’ll try anything – sunglasses included – to help me jump start my vacation!

  3. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    I’ve come to the theory that insomniacs like me have an edge when it comes to jet lag. We’re used to sleeping inconsistently, fitfully, and for short periods, so the crossing of the time zones isn’t as disruptive to our norm as to that of people who get good sleep regularly. I do nothing special and always find I adjust more quickly than travel companions.

  4. BrewerSEA
    BrewerSEA at |

    I’ve always found it easier to go east than west. Now I know I’m not crazy!