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  1. abcx
    abcx at |

    Seth, your posts are far from useless. Your blog is the only BA blog worth following. At least there is some interesting content instead of mindless pimping of credit cards and tricks stolen from FT.

  2. Tom // Sit in first
    Tom // Sit in first at |

    Thanks Seth. I find free trade initiatives very interesting…they typically foreshadow increased business activity when it includes a “frontier” jurisdiction and a well developed one.

    So, now, how to monetize this information:
    A) offer citizens of kazakhstan credit card links 😉
    B) figure out what the biggest exports are from Kazakhstan and reconcile with demand in the hong kong market….and find companies/funds to invest in which would benefit from this liberalization.

    B might be a toughy, but worth a look.

  3. HF
    HF at |

    Considering $160 US visa fee..

  4. Ari
    Ari at |

    Insert Borat joke here?