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  1. .Q
    .Q at |

    More proof that the merged airline is more Continental than United.

  2. Tom // Sit in first
    Tom // Sit in first at |

    How many people rushed to buy Denver tickets thinking they’d be first to fly? 😉

  3. Susan
    Susan at |

    It was the fare as much as anything else for the NRT flight….it will still be fun. Just wish I’d waited on my AMS trip next month….but I think September is a better month to go….so be it.

  4. jon preciado
    jon preciado at |

    I wonder if they will have a sale like they did with DEN-NRT and the discount B fare?

  5. Nick
    Nick at |

    Routes out of IAH are also well suited to the smaller size of the 787. JNB from IAH would also be great.

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