Want to get on an A380 delivery flight?

Singapore Airlines, the launch customer of the A380, is holding a contest to give away seats on the delivery flight of their 19th A380 in September. Delivery flights are definitely different than regular operations. Part party and part technical acceptance testing, it is an opportunity that very few get to experience. As the airline states:

Being on a delivery flight is a unique experience usually restricted to a small number of cabin and technical crew, as well as a handful of other SIA staff involved in accepting the aircraft. The operational nature of the flight means service is limited, but its exclusive nature offers a sneak peek into the real workings of the airline industry.

The contest covers a flight from any Singapore Airlines gateway to Toulouse, two nights in town, a tour of the factory and the city and the flight from Toulouse to Singapore. And they’ll fly you back to the gateway when the trip is over. Naturally I’ll be choosing Newark as my gateway should I win in hopes that they don’t mind putting me on the A345.

The contest is open through August 28, 2012, and only requires that you create an account on their SIAJourneys.com website. Go here, fill in the form, and good luck!

If you want a hint of what the A380 factory tour is like, check out these bits from my visit back in 2009.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Hmmm, no class of service specified? Even on special giveaways, SIA is stingy with premium cabin seats. Tsk tsk.

    Hope I’m wrong, though.

    1. I’m assuming economy for the positioning travel and I don’t care at all. Not every flight can be up front and doing those in Y is a small price to pay for getting the delivery flight experience.

      You could always book your own return from SIN in a higher cabin if you wanted, I suppose.

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