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  1. Jimgotkp
    Jimgotkp at |

    It could a step towards the right direction when it comes to customer service. Just have to get the FAs to input all the information such as preferences, experiences, etc. when they aren’t busy. It could serve as a CRM like how Ritz-Carlton uses “Mystique”.

  2. A. S.
    A. S. at |

    This could go either way: either the FAs will “get it” and the system will work properly and it will make the whole service more efficient, or the FAs won’t know how to work it and/or the system won’t work (will crash, will be slow, etc.) and it will become a new bottleneck and an additional excuse for the crew to become frustrated, disenchanted, and grumpier (if that’s even possible). Furthermore, I see how it would be of value to have ONE such device in each galley to replace the manifest and show status, special needs, etc., but using it to input orders will make the service even less personal and more mechanical. I like the person talking to me to be looking me in the eye, not fidgeting with a gadget. But I’m keeping an open mind — we’ll see how it goes…

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