Some cuts to the early United 787 schedules

UPDATE: Official statement from United online now:

As some of you have heard, there has been an unexpected delay with the delivery of additional 787 Dreamliner aircraft from Boeing. While many flights will continue to operate with the 787, this delay will result in some flights being operated by other aircraft in November and December. Specifically, here’s what this means:

  • Our first 787 is continuing with pre-certification proving runs and is expected to enter commercial service Nov. 4 as scheduled. However, this year’s subsequent 787 deliveries are running behind schedule.
  • This weekend United is updating our systems to reflect the different aircraft types flying in place of certain previously-published 787 flying.
  • We will begin the process of notifying customers on the initial affected flights over the weekend, and will offer them the opportunity to re-book or receive a refund. These customers were given a special Reservations desk phone number to contact, which has been assigned to help them with this situation.

We’re just excited as many of you to introduce this 787 to our fleet, and we appreciate your patience with these unexpected schedule changes. To those of you whose travel plans are impacted, we’re very sorry for the inconvenience.

Remember how there were rumors of trouble brewing with the United Airlines 787 Dreamliner and getting it fully tested and into service in time for the previously announced service launch? Yeah, turns out those seem to be true.

The generally reliable @airlineroute account on twitter is reporting now that the one-time flights from Houston to Cleveland and Washington-Dulles will be scrapped. Additionally, the scheduled service to Newark, Los Angeles and San Francisco will see some substitutions.


My original plan to get on a United 787 was scrubbed when there was a schedule change, killing my connection in Houston. I have another scheduled (and upgraded!) flight at the end of the month which I figured was pretty much a sure thing. I’m less convinced of that right now but still hopeful.

Keep an eye out on the timetables with this weekend’s schedule changes. This time they’re actually real.


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  1. Does anybody know what United’s refund policy might be on these “one-off” 787 flights that were canceled? I booked a seat on the 11/17 IAD-IAH flight just because it was on the 787.

  2. They just officially announced the flight changes (post is updated) and also indicated free changes or refunds for affected customers.

    1. With all the other issues related to Sandy happening right now I wouldn’t worry about making the call this weekend.

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