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As for winning an entry from my blog, just answer the following question in a comment below:

Would you rather take more trips in economy or fewer trips but in premium cabins with your points (assuming points don’t exist in an infinite, free supply) and why?

Answer this week (contest ends 7 October at 11:59pm Mountain Time per the server clock) and I’ll pick a winner from the entries to be a finalist in the bigger contest.

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Seth Miller

I'm Seth, also known as the Wandering Aramean. I was bit by the travel bug 30 years ago and there's no sign of a cure. I fly ~200,000 miles annually; these are my stories. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


  1. Anything over five hours in premium. I’m okay with coach on shorter trips in economy plus.

  2. Premium because when we fly we are going on holiday and like a little comfort. Typically these flights are over 3 hours which is kind of my threshold for cattle cars.

  3. Fewer trips in a premium cabin (assuming long haul international flights). 2 years ago I would have answered the opposite, but a trip to South Africa changed me forever. I’ll ride Y domestically, but otherwise I want to ride up front.

  4. I’ll bite.

    Economy over Prem. More trips = More places I can see while I am young and active. Once I’m older ( and hopefully make more money) I would take prem cabins and stay at places longer. For now since I am active … the more places I can see & experience the better.

    Looking at US -> Asia on United. its 7 Prem Cabin trips vs 12 Eco (if my math is right) … I’d take 12 over 7 easily.

  5. I’d rather take fewer trips in premium cabins because I am too old to squeeze into coach seats.

  6. I would rather take fewer trips in premium cabins. I fly a ton of domestic mostly for work and all on domestic carriers (mostly UA) so a mileage redemption is a chance to not only see the world but to experience the vastly superior product offered by the international carriers. If I’m going to take a memorable trip on points utilizing those airlines, I want to make it count….and a long-haul in the pointy end of the plane certainly counts!!

  7. 0. For several years, I’ve been earning far more miles/points than I’ve been burning.
    1. I (and my wife as well, when she comes along) don’t care for super short trips. A three day weekend is really the minimum I’m interested in, and for those, we’re typically talking domestic, and not too far away, so economy is certainly fine… and in most of those cases, I prefer to pay with cash, so the miles balance is not really an issue.
    2. I work a reasonably normal job with a reasonably normal schedule, so longer trips happen only a couple times per year. Given 0., I don’t mind splurging for at least business class, and occasionally first, if it seems like it might be really interesting. That said, the flight is only one part of the trip for me, so I’ll still take economy to a great destination over business to a totally dull one.

  8. More trips in coach. While getting there is part of the fun and it’s much more fun flying up front, the experiences I’d have seeing the whole world would outweigh the comforts of first.

  9. I have so many points that I can book far more premium awards each year than I can possibly fly. Booking coach awards wouldn’t let me fly anymore than I already do.

  10. More trips in economy if that means more trips. But splurge for premium especially for longer trips demanding a more restful flight.

  11. More trips in economy. If using points for a whole family it is the only way to have enough points. And for kids, a chair is a chair!

  12. More trips in economy, there is always a new part of the world that i would like to see!

  13. I end of taking fewer trips in premium cabins because it keeps my other half in a good mood.

  14. For now, more trips in economy rather than fewer in premium. More trips is more travel and more places to see. When I’m older and less, um, agile, I’d probably opt for extra comfort of premium cabins.

  15. I’ve been saving my miles in the past from the years I travelled e ten silvery while working. I want to enjoy now the pleasure of using my points in premium, as I can usually buy a ticket for a good price in economy if I want it.

  16. Fewer trips in premium cabins. I can pay for economy class tickets, I can’t reasonably pay for business/first tickets, so there is no reason to waste miles on a trip I could pay for with cash and forgo a far better value.

  17. I would prefer fewer trips in premium cabins to select locations for special memories.

  18. Can i choose “depends”?
    If its short hual, eco. If its long haul, premium.
    I prefer it this way because i cant fly for anything past 4 hrs. I get crampy and my body starts aching from past injuries.

  19. Fewer trips in a premium cabin – revealed preference at work – that’s what I do.

  20. More trips in economy. I already fly there usually, so I’m plenty used to the ‘comfort’ level.

  21. It depends on the length of the trip and the airline. I’d take more trips on JetBlue. Even Spirit if I can get the big front seats. Or Copa with an exit row seat. I’m tall and don’t have unlimited vacation days so I take less long trips and save the miles to be comfortable on those.

  22. If I had a babysitter I’d take more trips in coach. Since it’s hard to get away from home I’ll take fewer premium trips.

  23. More trips…. But in the finite vacation time universe, sometimes taking more trips would need the qualifier of having enough time to take them all.

  24. More in coach. I had my first business//first flight this month and it was great but I made it to India in one of the worst seats in coach (thank you United for not booking my ticket so I lost my better seat) so I can make it almost any where in coach (as long as I have a window). There are still so many places I want to see so more trips would help.

  25. I would rather take fewer trips in premium using miles, since I probably took lots of trips in econ to get the miles!

  26. I’d rather take fewer trips in premium cabins with my points. I pay for and maintain status via economy flights, then use the points for trips which would otherwise be beyond my reach.

  27. I like to travel overseas, and I’m getting old and creaky. Has to be premium cabin for me – after five hours in economy I’m looking at a big chiropracter bill

  28. Given the amount of time I have to take trips, it’ll be fewer anyway. So it might as well be in premium cabins!

  29. More trips in economy. With family of 4 and no business travel. Front of the plane would erase miles balances faster than can churn cards to replace.

  30. more in econ. with a family I can stretch to get more vacations that way. I would rather go on 2-3 awesome vacations and suffer the hours in steerage to enjoy the days on the ground vs take 1 vacation and enjoy a few hours on the plane. and a handful of days on the ground.

  31. Given the choice, more trips in coach. I travel to travel, not eat airplane food and collect pajamas. Flying up front , no matter how nice, is still sitting in a seat for X hours breathing recirculated air cooped up in a metal tube hurtling through the sky.
    Of course, more trips in premium would be better than either of the choices offered. . .

  32. I would choose more redemptions in coach. Most of my travel is US domestic, and it’s not worth the mileage premium to sit up front on those flights.

  33. I’d prefer fewer trips in a premium cabin. I ‘ve told my 6 children from birth that I will give them two gifts in life, the best education I can afford and great experiences. Great experiences start up front!

  34. Depends on the length of the trip. Short, economy is okay. For long ones, I find it takes too much out of me. A shorter recovery time at the destination is worth the premium flight.

  35. More in Economy since I usually travel with my family and I need to make the miles stretch for every ticket I can get!

  36. More in economy–enjoy the chance to see more places. Although someday I look forward to having the time to do Asia right in a premium cabin.

  37. When I first started collecting miles I was certainly of the mindset that I’d never “waste” miles flying upfront when I could take more trips in the back of the bus. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) I only have so much time to take trips (especially of the international variety) so I find I can pretty much fly J and F on all of my trips b/c otherwise I’d have a ridiculously big stash of miles and wouldn’t be putting a dent into them.

  38. Anything over 8 hours is in Business for me (or at least Premium economy if purchasing). Other wise coach is just fine. E+ even better.

  39. More trips in economy for me! I worked with international students in the US and overseas for most of my adult life, so I have contacts all over the world. A quick e-mail to many of them gets me an automatic invitation………. I just need to get the tickets. I’ve been doing this for the last 7 years and have visited many of these friends in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Hands down, I prefer more trips in economy!

  40. Since most of my trips involve family stateside, economy is fine. That way they can all go with me!

  41. I’m 6 foot, 2 inches, so there’s no contest…fewer trips in premium class, so I’ll have the use of my legs when I get to my destination!

  42. Fewer trips in premium cabins because points are so easy to accrue, so go first class.

  43. Five years is a long time. But, pessimisim aside, we are all going to keep finding ways to travel the world through incredible deals. Especially by communicating great finds instantly throughout our unique, if diverse and sometimes fragmented, community. Its always going to be too hard for the average traveller to follow this fastinating pursuit.

  44. If my miles/points balances were limited I would rather take more trips in economy. Now that my balances are quite large I am choosing the luxury route as much as possible.

  45. I like mixing it up. For longer trips, the front is essential but I’m happy to go economy and hyperfocus on my book!

  46. Fewer trips in a premium cabin. Why? For a day, I get to feel like the rich person I’m not. 🙂

  47. Fewer trips in premium cabins, because I’ve never worked for a company that would pay for premium cabins for any travel, so I spend enough time in economy….

  48. Fewer trips in the premium cabin. Unfortunately, I don’t have unlimited vacation time so my preference is to travel as well as I can afford in the limited time I do get. That means that one or two trips up front is perfect for me and a massive improvement over economy for the trips.

  49. I normally use my miles to book trips for family, and when I do I try and get them in premium cabins as much as possible. While through a mix of upgrade instruments, CPUs, and op-ups I’ve been lucky enough to travel in premium cabins on about 75% of my domestic and international flights this year, they don’t get the same chance. Not to mention the fact that it’s really hard for me to turn down miles, and I always feel like I’m losing out when I travel on an award ticket 🙂

    Just booked my parents on a trip to Paris and Barcelona next year as an anniversary present, going BF on United on the way there and Business on Lufthansa on the way back. Hoping that the 744 they are scheduled on switches to a 748!

  50. More trips in economy. Until I’m 45 or should some strange happening cause me to grow taller than 5’10”

  51. I always, always, always thought I would answer “more trips in economy” but…while I still think I’d choose that, the gap is closing. After taking tons of economy trips (and getting older), I’ve begun to enjoy the few times I’ve been able to fly in the front of the plane, have an enjoyable flight, and get to the next place rested.

    Yeah, I’ll still pick the more trips in economy because the world is soooo big and there is so much to see, but man, even misers like me start to get swayed by those lay-flat seats!

  52. I’d always prefer business/first class (usually business), but I also like to stretch my points as far as possible. So on any airline where I have any sort of status to help get a good seat, coach it is!

  53. Using points, I’d prefer fewer trips in premium cabins because I can usually find cheap trips in economy so the value per point isn’t there as much.

  54. I prefer travelling more in economy. It’s more about the destination and less about the actual trip. But I can’t deny I love a premium cabin!

  55. Points are for premium, cash is for economy. So I do my fair share of both.

  56. As in most things that I enjoy, MORE is better. I’d prefer to have more flights (and therefore more travel) in economy than in premium. I love going places and I’d get to go to more of them. Easy choice. MORE, MORE, MORE. 🙂

  57. I am an x B727 pilot , and would love to fly the B787 and take a look at the cockpit to see how much things changed.

  58. Fewer trips in premium, especially for international trips. It is much easier to sleep in a premium cabin, so I am able to hit the ground running at my destination.

  59. More trips in economy! It’s about the experience first and foremost. I can deal with some travel inconvenience to get to a fabulous destination and forget all about the travel hassles.

  60. Fewer trips in premium. Award seats in premium cabin is the only way I have spent my miles so far, and I don’t think I would change that.

  61. In Europe, where I live, I’d do more trips in Economy. Not so much difference between the front and the back. In the States, I would avoid the back of the plane like the plague and opt only for the front.

  62. Balance is the key! Under 4 hours, in back is ok. Over 4, then sit up front. But, if I have to pick one or the other, then more trips and flying in economy would be my choice.

  63. Recently I’ve been on the “less frequent but nicer” side because I only get so many days off work in a year. I could travel more often in economy but it’d only be for very brief weekend trips.

  64. less trips in premium, since I’m mostly looking at long haul international trips, and the experiences in premium cabins becomes part of the great traveling experience, and you’re not suffering to get to a destination.

  65. More in economy — more opportunity to see more places! I mean, airline travel is only one PART of the whole experience!

  66. I like to take economy trips with the family, but trips up front with just the wife are awesome as well. For this, though, traveling with the family in coach on miles wins.

  67. Fewer trips but premium cabins. Just don’t have enough time to fly as much as I would like.

  68. Fewer in premium because I don’t have enough time to travel as much as I’d like anyway.

  69. Definitely more trips in economy. For the most distant places that I really want to see (for the first time, still!), I’m going to be on the plane long enough to sleep. And I can’t fully appreciate a premium cabin while sleeping.

  70. Depends on the amount but I’d probably rather go in premium because the flight is a cost driver of other things (accommodation, etc.) so the fewer flights, the cheaper it is!

  71. While I’m greedy enough to want more trips, I have to go with the upgrade. The first time I ever flew was in coach and I was SO excited, then the next time I was excited to be going but uneasy about spending 10 hours stuck in a little seat. By about my fourth trip I was only looking forward to the flight being over. Business class was a revelation. Flying could be fun!

  72. For me, Premium. I would NEVER be able to afford premium travel without points. Economy can be really cheap sometimes if you plan well, but premium tickets, especially those with complicated routings, can be really expensive.

  73. The answer depends where I’m going. Generally within the US, and usually to Europe, I tilt towards Economy. But for Asia and Africa, I tilt towards business class

  74. Economy all the way. Modern air travel is so amazing and magical in the first place that having a somewhat larger seat or better meal does make for an experience that is twice is good or worth twice the miles. I would rather do it twice as often or share the experience with twice as many of my friends and family.

  75. Thanks to Randy, I’ve been spoiled and haven’t crossed an ocean in Economy in years. Too hard to go in anything but the comfort of Premium.

  76. I’ve been a lot of wonderful places using coach awards, but I’m enjoying banking more miles to move into Business and First Class for those longer hauls. Thanks for the contest!

  77. I’m 6’2.5″ so premium class is a real treat and a much better redemption value!!!

  78. More trips in economy because I fit comfortably in economy plus exit aisle seats, the vino is free and I can get 1K status with roughly 6 trips and a $6K spend

  79. premium since ecomony the value of points arent too good but if u use in busssness much more value

  80. don’t need F, just a flat bed J international. i only redeem for long haul and 8-15 hours is much better up front

  81. It’s about the journey so fewer trips in Premium! (I’ll use cash for the economy trips :))

  82. More trips in Economy. There are just too many places in the world left to see!

  83. Fewer trips in premium cabins, because they would represent a better redemption value for the miles. I can buy economy tickets anytime, but premium cabin travel is more difficult to justify for personal trips.

  84. Fewer trips in Premium, because I would lose the desire to fly more trips if I had to go economy.

  85. Less trips via 1st class bc there’s no way I’d ever see myself spending my cash to travel pampered like that!

  86. More trips in economy hands down for me. I’d rather have more experiences in amazing places than fewer amazing experiences in the airline tin can.

  87. More trips in premium. Can’t be traveling all the time; I need to go to work on occasion.

  88. I prefer flying in premium cabins with my points. I spend enough time in economy to EARN those points!

  89. More trips in economy. The world is a small place and we have limited time here so need to go to as many places as possible!

  90. definitely in economy. gives you more bullets in your gun (more options) to ‘hit’ your target. A major psychological study was done with younger individuals who were able to delay their immediate gratification for longer term greater gratification. The results showed that those who delayed their instant gratification, ended up being the successful executives and professionals.

  91. I shared tips on spending miles with a stranger last flight last week. We have become friends and found out that we have something in common in term of research/work!

  92. I would definitely take more trips in economy. I want to see as much of the world as possible!

  93. Start with economy and cover the places to visit . May be later think about enjoying the trip itself . For me more destinations are important

  94. I’d fly more trips in coach on paid tickets, and hoard my miles for less-frequent long-haul trips in premium cabins

  95. fewer trips in premium. Full recline seats let’s me hit the ground running when I arrive.

  96. More trips in economy. I’ve done 24 hours of flying in economy before, and while I’m young it’s fine. I’d rather see many more places than travel in unnecessary luxury. More places, more faces.

  97. Fewer trips in premium. It sounds pampered but it’s really hard to go back to economy after you’ve flown BIZ….:)

  98. More trips in economy. For me its more for the destination, not the journey. Plus I usually sleep on the planes.

  99. I would say since I have already traveled extensively in coach overseas, I would say fewer but in premium class. These will be certainly be very long journeys, so I rather get all the comfort that I can get to my destination.

  100. Fewer in premium….though if there is no premium (like on Jet Blue) I notice that i don’t mind economy as much.

  101. Fewer trips in premium cabins. I am very tall and most of my height is in my legs. After flying upper class the difference is amazing. Most of the trips I want to take are international long haul flights and the thought of 10 to 15 hours in economy does not excite me.

  102. less in premium if the flight is over 10 hours. more in coach if the flight is under 8 hours. in between 8-10 is a toss up…

  103. Honestly,i will make the most of my trips and travels as Luxe Vacations..considering the fact i have been on standby tickets most of my life,being a flight attendant,i’d love to use my points to upgrade myself for Premium Cabins and treat myself with the finesse and the excellent service there..so for me,Premium Cabins all the way,coz i know i would not stop travelling all my life,so why not pamper myself with the best offered!!

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