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  1. Lark
    Lark at |

    So, what will be the new reigning ‘Longest Non Stop in the World’?

  2. AK @PointsToPointsB
    AK @PointsToPointsB at |

    I wonder if SQ will be putting another 77W on LAX/NYC routes via another Asia/Europe city. Maybe the return of LAX-TPE-SIN? How about NYC-MXP-SIN?

  3. Benjh
    Benjh at |

    Wait, isnt there a qantas/BA codeshare MEL-LHR that’s 23 hours long?

  4. Explore
    Explore at |

    I traveled SIN-EWR a month ago, using UA award miles committed in July. I traveled well behind the wing to view the landscape, and was well rewarded. Occupancy was around 66%, not too strong.

    Sorry to hear the flights are going away. Are they the longest commercial flights of all time?

  5. Whitney
    Whitney at |

    according to wiki, QF’s SYD-DFW will take the crown

  6. Whitney
    Whitney at |

    MEL-LHR is one-stop MEL-SIN-LHR

  7. canuck_in_ca
    canuck_in_ca at |

    Speaking of legend: that there is a little morgue on-board.

  8. Jimgotkp
    Jimgotkp at |

    Didn’t the EWR-SIN route have good occupancy?

  9. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    DFW-SYD is the longest mileage wise, but there are around 20 flights that take longer than that.

  10. Mike
    Mike at |

    Any chance that SQ will release seats to partner airlines? I kind of want to fly this route.

  11. Eugene
    Eugene at |

    I’m also very happy to have tried this flight from Newark back in March. I believe that lax-sin was a little longer and longest in the world.

  12. Carl
    Carl at |

    Economically, the problem for the airline is that far too much of the payload is the fuel needed to complete the flight. And over time, premium-class-only flights have struggled to be profitable. I think there is some natural counter-cyclism between business and leisure travel, and so carrying a mix reduces the losses on days when business demand is weak.

    As you noted, for pax, 19 hours in the air isn’t really comfortable, either. The planes aren’t designed to let you stroll around every few hours – if everyone did that, it becomes a problem. Somewhere in the 12-15 hour mark, a flight becomes too long, and a connection with a nice lounge helps to break things up, even if it adds a few hours to the trip. Probably makes more sense that putting a shower on the plane.

  13. gobluetwo
    gobluetwo at |

    If I were in the air for that long, I’d want a plane with a fitness center, not a bar/lounge.

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