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  1. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    I am it sure how the FA base in BKK increases the chances of one of them calling in sick and that causing flight cancellations. Am I misunderstanding something?

  2. Taylor
    Taylor at |

    @Oliver: Having a crew base at what amounts to an outstation is risky, simply because it’s unlikely that there will be adequate reserve crew to work in place of another F/A. I’m not exactly sure what Norwegian’s plans are in terms of destination and frequency, but having a shortage of crew in BKK, 5400 miles away from Oslo, is a bad situation.

  3. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    @Seth and @Taylor — But how would that be different from having the crew base in Oslo and an FA getting sick at the outstation BKK or NYC? One way or another you have to have a spare FA available where you don’t have the crew base or risk having to cancel the flight. How do other airlines handle this? E.g., does UA have a spare FA in SYD, or do they schedule the return trips of the FAs such that they could fly back a day earlier (legally) if needed?

    Another option (that I am making up here, not really knowing what I am talking about, but at least admitting that much): could they have Oslo-based FAs that are qualified on the 787, but only fly on those if needed, and otherwise they are used for the European routes?

  4. Josh
    Josh at |

    If that photo of the 2×2 seats is their idea of long-haul business class, they are going to have to price it WAY below the competition – and even then, the best they can hope for is the leisure market. How many frequent business travelers will prefer that seat to LH or LX’s, even if those mean connecting through FRA or ZRH? What a lousy product!

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  8. Mona
    Mona at |

    I did apply based in JFK and got two online texts but no sign from them two weeks already. Do you know anything ?