SAS avoids bankruptcy, expands route map

It is not clear that the future of SAS is a particularly strong one. The carrier is fighting against LCCs including Norwegian which is adding long-haul service as they take delivery of 787s in 2013. Plus they are saddled with high labor costs and relatively high debt loads and multiple hubs in a very tight geographic proximity. Oh, and they’ve recently been put on notice by their creditors that failure to cut some costs would see funding dry up. Perhaps not the most optimistic situation to be in.

And yet the carrier is looking to expand. They reached a compromise with the labor unions which should be sufficient for now. And, with that behind them for the near term, the route map is growing. SAS is going to try to survive through growth, not by shrinking. Here are the additional routes.

From Sweden:

  • Stockholm to Innsbruck, Pula, Palermo, Cagliari, Thessaloniki, Tel Aviv, Pristina and Alanya
  • Gothenburg to Nice, Pristina and Östersund

From Norway:

  • Oslo to Salzburg, Berlin, Budapest, Santorini, Cagliari, Palermo, Pristina, Valencia, Malta, Lisbon, Athens, Tenerife and Pula
  • Bergen to Dubrovnik and Antalya
  • Trondheim to Split
  • Stavanger to Antalya

From Denmark:

  • Copenhagen to San Francisco, Budapest, Prague, Newcastle, Cagliari, Palermo, Alanya, Thessaloniki, Pula and Biarritz

From Finland:

  • Helsinki to Paris, Rome, Prague, Geneva and Östersund
  • Kittilä to Turku  and Tampere

This is an interesting collection of destinations. The mix between business and leisure is very much there. And some great new options for award seats should come from this, too.

Will it be enough to save the carrier? I suppose we’ll see soon enough.

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