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  1. MilesFromBlighyty
    MilesFromBlighyty at |

    Really interesting that Mileage Plus got the poorest answers – why does that surprise me. They know that telling the truth about issues, such as upgrade priority, would be a huge issue for their frequent flyers. The business model where you promise upgrades and then sell cheap ones to infrequent flyers, is one that is here to stay.

  2. Mike
    Mike at |

    Anything about the decidedly noncompetitive IFE on the 747s used on the SYD routes?

  3. Brian L.
    Brian L. at |

    The C/D gates at Dulles are absolute crap. There are two reasons I’d willingly fly out of there. 1) If my only other option was an early morning flight out of DCA or 2) If my only other option was to connect in the US on an international connection. For any other itinerary, I’d take a connection out of DCA.

  4. jj
    jj at |

    getting wifi installed shows their project management prowess. more and more it appears their prowess is marketing to make you think you are getting something when you arent. domestically at least. thanks for the info

  5. MK
    MK at |

    What’s the new Hawaii configuration? I don’t recall ever reading or hearing about such a change.

  6. Tom / SitInFirst.com
    Tom / SitInFirst.com at |

    How do you reach this conclusion: “they are the leader in business class flat beds flying these days”

  7. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Thanks for these notes. A couple of questions/comments:

    – I assume the new UC at SFO will be in the old AA part of Terminal 3 and in addition to the existing T3 club, not instead? So in other words, there will then be three UCs at SFO?

    – how do they expect to compensate with IT for an inferior hard product? Not clear to me that a better website would make up for 14.5 hrs in an aging 747 with no IFE. That said, personally, I don’t mind the C/F product they have… I know many people hate the 2-4-2 C layout and sure, I’d prefer 1-1-1 myself as well, but given that I don’t actually get to fly it unless I happen to get an upgrade or award seat, I always vote for more seats 🙂

    – will they have enough bandwidth to support 200 streams from their media server to iPads and other devices in the back of their 747s?

    – I am surprised that they didn’t/couldn’t answer the “pay for UC with miles” question. I always imagined it’s just a matter of their website not having the functionality and it not being worth investing IT resources into that particular feature. Given that they are willing to sell toasters and MP3s for miles, while not club access? (assuming they price it according to their cost)

  8. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    I don’t really plan on using the streaming if I end up on one of those planes (other than to see how it works). More efficient battery-wise to use local movies/TV shows (and I have lots to choose from) and pretty much guaranteed better quality, too. Been doing that for a long, long time… long before the iPad even first came out.

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