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  1. Carl
    Carl at |

    Maybe this demonstrates the drawback of having sold their frequent flyer program. They have to buy the miles, and are trying to minimize that cost.

    Wonder what happens if you buy it as a codeshare and credit to another program

  2. Brian
    Brian at |

    @carl I doubt these flights will be code-shared. In the end, this airline within an airline is about different labour standards. The pilots and FAs are working with different contracts, so it will be around in one way or another. Once the replacements for the 319s come and the 787s more aircraft will shift to Rouge.

  3. abcx
    abcx at |

    If it’s $186 ai one way, you get what you pay for! Great transcon price – assuming it’s not off season.

  4. abcx
    abcx at |

    Sorry I meant TATL instead of transcon.

  5. Cristina
    Cristina at |

    Even including YQ, the fares are probably waaaaay below TangoPlus on mainline AC. Excellent deal for budget conscious tourists (assuming up the seat pitch doesn’t induce DVT)

  6. Ryan E
    Ryan E at |

    So is this kinda like TED reborn in Canadian form? 😉

  7. Adrian
    Adrian at |

    I find the integration with Air Canada mainline the most interesting part about this venture. It seems more of a way of AC transferring routes to a lower cost service than to start up an airline from the ground up like how Jetstar did. Right now, Jetstar is essentially also a competitor with parent company Qantas, and I have a feeling ACs way of handling Rouge is to prevent Rouge from eating into AC mainline’s profits. Hence, this is really a method of directly competing with vacation carriers such as Air Transat, Cordor, and Westjet with a much lower cost operation.

  8. Adrian
    Adrian at |

    Question though (forgot to ask this), does that mean I could also earn miles on another Star Alliance carrier’s frequent flyer program given that it is operated on the AC IATA code and that other partner benefits seem to apply? So on a program like UA, I can essentially earn 100% miles on a tango fare?

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