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  1. Mark
    Mark at |

    I’d always hoped my Platinum-for-life with AA could keep me in OneWorld Business Lounges until I retire. Looks like a merger would get rid of this perk so I am pretty disappointed that US wants to merge with AA.

  2. Aaexplat
    Aaexplat at |

    The pilots are completely delusional. They won’t come out and say it, but what they really want is industry leading compensation, or even comp like it was 20 years ago, all from an airline that is in bk, and on the backs of other work groups.

    And they hope Parker will get them there! Wake up and smell the coffee…just look at what US pilots are being paid…lowest pay among the legacies and a complete cluster on the labor peace front. Right…that’ll be their savior.

    I am really tired of the selfish, self-righteous and entitled yammering from the AA pilots. They think they ought be be in charge o running the airline to line their pockets.

    Thank goodness, the ultimate decision isn’t made by them, although they have certainly tried to force the issue all along…

  3. eds
    eds at |

    The only reason that LCC has made any money is because of their low labor costs. If AA/US merge and the US labor force is brought up to AA’s pay rates, the legacy US part of the business will bleed $$ like an artery.

  4. Joseph
    Joseph at |

    AA is at no position to impose anything. They should feel lucky that US wants to save them.