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  2. Ryan E
    Ryan E at |

    So under this scenario DL/KL/AF would keep the Virgin brand intact? Or would they eventually be looking to takeover and merge it in entirely?

  3. Greg
    Greg at |

    I suspect DOT and DOJ will have something to say on the “bilateral” and antitrust sides.


  4. Greg
    Greg at |

    Big difference between approval of a joint marketing arrangement for a group of carriers hubbed in CDG, AMS and FCO/MXP and a merger/near-merger that adds an LHR hub and all of those slots.

    It might get approved, but it’s not an easy road, particularly in a second Obama administration when the deal involves a company that is not noted for being terribly friendly to unions.


  5. Greg
    Greg at |

    Perhaps it doesn’t change the competition tremendously, but it definitely changes the standard and potential for legal review/withholding of approval. I’m also not totally convinced that it would have been a slamdunk that VS would get in to the ATI, because it creates what is much closer to a duopoly on US-UK air traffic.