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  1. Kerwin
    Kerwin at |

    Well, they have to make up the revenue from somewhere ­čÖé

  2. DW
    DW at |

    Just like with AA’s new 77W. Clearly a lot of the space lost to the new 4 across lie-flat business seats came from them moving Y from 9 across to 10 across.

  3. Jerry H
    Jerry H at |

    if you do a sample booking for July YUL-CDG, you’ll see that Y+ (or PE) is almost double the Y (Tango) fares, probably still cheaper than Latitude

  4. Eager Traveler
    Eager Traveler at |

    That…and it’s Air Canada…. a routing on United may be cheaper with the same surly/indifferent service

  5. oliver2002
    oliver2002 at |

    I suppose the occasional galley or lav was also nixed, difficult to cram that many coach pax without that :p

  6. GetYourBonusNow
    GetYourBonusNow at |

    Yes, they have to make up the revenue from someone. Hope not from me ­čÖé

  7. VM
    VM at |

    They will have to offer MORE to Executive First pax in my opinion because there isn’t that much of a spread other than a better seat and a slightly larger IFE screen.

  8. Jackie
    Jackie at |

    It’s actually a VERY efficient use of space. CX fits like 26 or so flat bed J seats between doors 1 and 2 on the 77W. AC manages to actually squeeze 36. Granted the bed is shorter, but only super tall people like 6’7″ would start to feel like pinch.

    I’ve tried the LX seat (identical to AC), and I can honestly say it’s just as spacious for me as the CX Cirrus one. The LX one was a little hard surface, but maybe AC is different ?

  9. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    They can always just hand out diapers instead of having.enough lavs..

  10. zeffer
    zeffer at |

    I don’t fly AC but, just for some perspective: QF’s slimline, lightweight Recaro seats in Y (on the A380 & reconfigured 744s) show it is possible to squeeze in more seats without sacrificing much passenger space. The introduction of PE on QF has also meant more frequent op ups (from Y to PE) for elite pax. So, while there’s no reason to assume AC will manage its new inventory the exact same way QF has, the existence of a larger number of comfortable seats on QF has been a good thing IMO, even for discount economy pax.

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  12. Adrian W.
    Adrian W. at |

    Air Canada will be changing upgrade options, so that an upgrade will be from Y to O (Premium Economy) but no more after that. Employees on standby (non-revenue)will go directly from economy to executive first.