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  1. Jackie
    Jackie at |

    There’s a huge level of service discrepancy between Etihad and airBerlin. Any premium pax would instantly notice the gap when when flying EY F into AUH then all of a sudden dumped onto an airBerlin narrowbody up to Germany.

  2. Sean
    Sean at |

    Isn’t Emirates the sponsor of Arsenal and Etihad of Manchester City? Pretty sure those teams adorn those ME carriers on their jerseys too. This is huge for QR, IMO.

  3. Sean
    Sean at |

    Ah yes, I got that. It’s an interesting point that this breaks the historical trend of arguably the most history rich team out there.

    I guess FCB won’t have to change their jerseys too much from the current “Qatar Foundation” though.

  4. Nic
    Nic at |

    Funny how they had to do it. Unicef >> Qatar Foundation >> Qatar Airways

  5. oliver2002
    oliver2002 at |

    QR sponsorship has nothing to do with the BCN market, FCB games are watched by millions in QR focus markets. Some of their players work with TK though, that should create some problems 😉 Curious how QR plans to visualize their relationship though: FC Bayern for example is flown to their european games on LH widebodies 😉

  6. PointGuy
    PointGuy at |

    ME carriers have an advantage because their executives ranks are not stuffed with undeserving folks earning bloated salaries (as is the case with most US legacy carriers) and their workers are not ‘protected’ by unions that ‘look after’ their workers to the detriment of all others. Ergo they do well.

  7. Ozaer N.
    Ozaer N. at |

    State owned carriers with fat wallets can do just about anything they want. I’m sure Bedouins aren’t at the helm of these decisions,…most are ex-pats who are guiding their future……the Bedouins just cut the checks to make it happen…or in this case, the bags of cash hehe

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