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  1. Scottrick
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    Even though the content is more important and is ultimately what Google was (and continues to be) after, I think the brand does add some value. I have always been a little skeptical of Google’s rankings for business and such because who knows where it gets this data. I know what to expect from Yelp and TripAdvisor and how much salt I need to take when I read those reviews. I don’t know with Google. When Google bought restaurant info from Zagat, that made me more willing to trust them in that particular niche. Similarly, a name like Fodor’s would make me more willing to trust their travel content, even if it could become outdated.

  2. RJ Brown
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    And this is important because?

  3. DaveS
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    I’m old fashioned enough to enjoy reading up on a place I’m going a few weeks in advance, whether in the bathtub, in bed before going to sleep or in my easy chair. To me it’s just much more convenient and satisfying to turn the pages of a book. I also think there can be value in reading the opinions of a seasoned travel writer who has personally made comparisons among hotels, restaurants and attractions. Sites like TripAdvisor have useful opinions, but usually they are from people who have visited one hotel in a given locale and have little way to compare the other options out there. I’ll tear out the pages I think I’ll want to refer to on the trip and leave the rest behind, maybe for a future trip. Free or cheap Internet and data access (or anything at all) isn’t available everywhere I go, but those pages are.