Emirates to resume service between New York and Europe

Passengers will have one more option for flights between Milan and New York City starting this Fall. Emirates will launch the route in October 2013 ending their 5 year hiatus of service between New York and Europe. Their previous iteration of service was to Hamburg, Germany which ended in 2008.

Flights will depart New York at 10:20pm, arriving in Milan at 12:15pm the following day and continuing on to Dubai at 2:00pm. The westbound flight will depart Milan at 4:00pm, arriving in New York at 7:00pm the same day. The eastbound flight time is nice, providing useful onward connection options in Europe. It is also a late enough flight such that sleeping should be reasonably easy for passengers. Westbound the timing is great for passengers who want most of a day in Europe before heading back to New York City. Onward connections are limited, however, with the late arrival at JFK.

The route will compete directly with Delta, Alitalia and American Airlines There is also a flight on United Airlines into Newark. And the Emirates 777-300ER will be the largest plane on the route, adding a lot of capacity and also adding an option for first class service.

I now know which route I’ll be looking over the winter for bargain deals.

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Seth Miller

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  1. My attempts to get on Emirates a380 Z JFK-BKK have been so fleeting the last few months. Every time I think i have that beautiful siren in my hands they change the game and I crash on the rocks! Now it is just a challenge and I care more about winning than the actual prize.. I will convert SPG-JAL-EK and fly JFK-BKK on an a380 in Z if it kills me!

  2. I remember that NYC to Hamburg flight (EK206 from what I recall!) The only downside I can see to this is the possibility of overcrowding in the JFK Emirates Lounge since EK202 JFK-DXB flight using the A380 leaves at 11PM daily.

  3. does AS allow mixing partners when redeeming ? I remember it used to be very restrictive on this

    1. You can now book one-way awards using AS miles but otherwise, no mixing. It is a big step forward in terms of flexibility but not nearly as good as most of the alliance-member programs which allow more flexible mixing.

  4. I believe JAL doesn’t allow mixing either. Also Emirates has recently started imposing YQ on Skywards awards. The YQ is not broken out as a separate component on ITA AFAIK (too lazy to check) but is listed in the fare rules. I wonder whether this means JAL will also charge it…that will kill the deal.

  5. The new route was announced yesterday. I’m not particularly surprised that their partners haven’t updated the charts yet. I’d give them a bit of time to see what ultimately happens.

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