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  1. asar
    asar at |

    there goes my cheap AA+ EK+ route of going to Asia

  2. clayd333
    clayd333 at |

    My attempts to get on Emirates a380 Z JFK-BKK have been so fleeting the last few months. Every time I think i have that beautiful siren in my hands they change the game and I crash on the rocks! Now it is just a challenge and I care more about winning than the actual prize.. I will convert SPG-JAL-EK and fly JFK-BKK on an a380 in Z if it kills me!

  3. Joey
    Joey at |

    I remember that NYC to Hamburg flight (EK206 from what I recall!) The only downside I can see to this is the possibility of overcrowding in the JFK Emirates Lounge since EK202 JFK-DXB flight using the A380 leaves at 11PM daily.

  4. abcx
    abcx at |

    So who lets you redeem on EK?

  5. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    JL and AS are the two main programs, other than EK, where you can redeem on EK metal.

  6. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    > I now know which route I’ll be looking over the winter for bargain deals.


  7. Jessica
    Jessica at |

    does AS allow mixing partners when redeeming ? I remember it used to be very restrictive on this

  8. abcx
    abcx at |

    I believe JAL doesn’t allow mixing either. Also Emirates has recently started imposing YQ on Skywards awards. The YQ is not broken out as a separate component on ITA AFAIK (too lazy to check) but is listed in the fare rules. I wonder whether this means JAL will also charge it…that will kill the deal.

  9. ed
    ed at |

    Doesn’t appear as if you can use AS on EK for Europe. Or at least, it’s not reflected in their award chart.

  10. ed
    ed at |

    FYI, also no line item for JL on EK. Too bad, I think a 10pm+ departure to JFK to Milan would be great. Don’t know how to transfer into Emirates directly.

  11. ed
    ed at |

    Dummy booking by Lucky suggests 65k JL (55k SPG) for business.

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