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  1. Jim
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    My memorial visits haven’t been on Memorial Day either but they’ve been memorable. First was the visit to the beaches of Normandy and the cemetery there while I was in France as an exchange student. Then there was visiting the eternal flame in Budapest in memory of those who died during the 1956 Revolution (being part Hungarian and very interested in my family history, I read a lot about it as a teen). Finally, the one that came as a surprise was finding a memorial to the US troops that fought at the Battle of the Bulge in Bastogne, Belgium. I had flow over to Europe for work (I work for a German company) a few days early to visit Luxembourg. When leaving, I decided to drive back through Belgium and the Netherlands rather than the way I had come. As I came up on Bastogne, the name rang a bell for some reason. When I got off the highway, I found a sign pointing to the monument. It’s a bit off the beaten path but very stirring.

  2. Aptraveler
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    Nice write up and great pictures., it honors the essence of this day, my respects.

  3. R j Brown
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    Thanks Seth. My wife and I are both retired Army officers who met and married in Germany while stationed there. Strangely we never visited Normandy until 2007 with our kids. Looking up at the cliffs from the beach is still the memorable moment of my life and I was so humbled by that moment. What we ask of our young boys in the quest for freedom……

  4. Matthew
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    Appreciated this post.

  5. rib guy
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    FREETRAVELGENIUS, is this a joke or does he know where you hid the bodies?