All you can fly, with a Norwegian twist

Want to explore Norway this summer? Wideroe, the regional airline affiliated with SAS, is offering up an “all you can fly” package allowing unlimited* flights in their reasonably extensive network (more than 40 destinations) for a reasonable price.

Wideroe route map

They’ve split the country into three regions, with different pricing if you want to remain in one region ($485), two regions ($590) or the whole country ($690) over a two week window. Adding an additional week is $300 for any of the packages. Travel on the deal is permitted between 19 June – 27 August 2013; you schedule the first flight and the two week window begins then. The package even includes inbound segments to Norway from Aberdeen, Newcastle, Copenhagen and Gothenburg.

I’m quite tempted by the deal, naturally, though there are a couple bits holding me back. For starters, I’d actually want to spend some time at many of the destinations and even with three weeks to fly around that doesn’t leave much time to do both. And then there’s the part where actually being in Norway is quite expensive.

As for the * above, there is one limit on the flights: you can only book any one sector twice (i.e. a round-trip from the hub to a point and back). Some of the milk run routings in the center and north of the country could still yield entertaining routings and it isn’t like flying back and forth between two cities for several weeks would be particularly fun. I also have no idea if the flights credit to EuroBonus (and even if they do only some of the routes would be eligible). In this case it isn’t really about the points.

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Seth Miller

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  1. If you don’t mind the Dash-8 then this is a wonderful way to spend your summer. As someone who lives 7 months a year in Norway I’d love to do this.

    Have a small folding bike that fits into your luggage requirements without extra pay then you’ll have a blast.

    It is a truly beautiful country, with views that are hard to match. I’d go for it.

  2. Having just returned from Norway – you definitely have to consider the cost of Norway in your planning. A 0.4L beer cost $21.50USD and a Starbucks Venti Latte was 69 NOK or $11.50. Expect to pay about 3 times what we do here in the states.

  3. This sounds fantastic.But I’ll stick to the one region though. I agree two weeks is definitely not enough.

  4. Hi Seth, there’re really huge amount of comments in your latest trip reports. My question is related to the video in that report and kind of out of travel scope-which software did you use for video edit/trim? Thanks!

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