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  1. Mike
    Mike at |

    Total touristy place. Locals never go there except for fish workers.

  2. theblakefish
    theblakefish at |

    I had the best time visiting there last December…it was really cool but I am also looking forward to seeing the new facility when it opens. I am sure it will lose the charming madness of its current location, but it will certainly be more pedestrian-friendly.

  3. Pizzainmotion
    Pizzainmotion at |

    The breakfast sushi may not be as good on Wednesday’s, but it’s still gotta be better than a whole lot of other sushi I’ve had elsewhere in the world!

    It’s because of one of your earlier posts about Tsukiji that I went on my trap last year. So glad I did.

  4. Stefan
    Stefan at |

    Hey Seth, better not go to any fun, “touristy” places…you might enjoy yourself, but by implication you won’t be cool. Gotta love that kind of snobbish comment…

  5. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Looks like you ignored that big “off limits” sign!

  6. dubaych
    dubaych at |

    Re: Mike’s comment: silliest response ever. The same could be said of the NY Stock Exchange or the US Capitol or … oh, never mind. Actually, Seth, I remember that tour of your grocery store as one if the highlights of my NYC trip; so glad I passed up Broadway and the Met for it!

  7. Fishing4Deals
    Fishing4Deals at |

    I love this post with the photos of the closed shop doors. Fantastic!

    On a related matter, is there a particular hotel chain that is the best for netting free nights in Japan?


  8. ffi
    ffi at |

    Just got back from Japan, even wandering in the Tokyo subways is like being in a mall here.