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  1. LongTimeObserver
    LongTimeObserver at |

    YCMV – Your Comfort May Vary…

    YTMV – Your Tolerance May Vary…

  2. Tiff
    Tiff at |

    Our biggest thing against Ryanair was we had a flight canceled due to weather and they didn’t reschedule another flight. They refunded our money but then we were stuck in Germany and we needed to get Sweden. They ended up chartering a bus… and the cost of that was twice the amount that our flight originally cost. We got there about 24 hours after we originally were supposed to arrive. I won’t say I would never fly on them again; but that experience made us eager to avoid Ryanair if we possibly can.

  3. Grace
    Grace at |

    They serve a purpose…even if that is just keeping the riff-raff off legacy carriers. Ultimately i think anything that allows people to travel more and see the world is good for society

  4. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    I’d be willing to give them a try, and not just because of the name 🙂 Like you said, you know what you’re getting into and get what you pay for. As for service, well I’m sure it’s not much worse, if at all, than what I experience all the time on domestic US airlines.

  5. Food Wine and Miles
    Food Wine and Miles at |

    So are they serving Dom or Krug these days?

  6. LongTimeObserver
    LongTimeObserver at |

    YKMO – Your Knees May Object

    YCMV – Your Conclusions May Vary

  7. LongTimeObserver
    LongTimeObserver at |

    Lucky you. The rest of the 18o+ pax’ knees weren’t so lucky.

  8. Maher
    Maher at |

    great article , I flew Ryanair 2x last year and agree with you.

  9. JOrge
    JOrge at |

    I dont like that airline. I prefer Easyjet or Vueling, granted, Billund is an odd destination in Denmark so Ryanair would do. Having said that, it is not that far from CPH by train and I love Denmark so much that I dont mind the 3 hours train ride which connect thru Odense.

  10. Food Wine and Miles
    Food Wine and Miles at |

    Yeah I’m just messing around – I flew EasyJet a few years ago, and it was just fine. I was even able to snag an exit row!

  11. LongTimeObserver
    LongTimeObserver at |

    It’s not “hate” it’s fact, for anyone whose femur length is above the ergonomic norm, and who values not having to sit bolt upright for X hours wedged in a substandard seat without arm rests. Same on Allegiant, even worse on Spirit. Please have these all to yourself!

  12. FreeTravelGuys
    FreeTravelGuys at |

    I don’t have a problem with RA trying to keep it cheap and with no frills. If there’s a market and people buy it, fine. My main gripe with them is that the luggage cage that they use is deceptively small. I’ve used the same carry-on suitcase for years and it’s fit on every overhead bin on every plane that I’ve ever flown. It didn’t on this one. Had to push it through to barely make it fit, only to get on the plane and see that I had about 4-5 vertical inches of additional space, no problem. To purposely design a smaller cage and then try to hit people with up to 70 Euros while you’re already at the airport is shameful and I refuse to give them my money.

  13. LongTimeObserver
    LongTimeObserver at |

    A pure, unabashed gouge. That’s all.

  14. Juan Ramos
    Juan Ramos at |

    I am surprised you are plugging such a pathetic excuse for an airline. Do you know that if you fail to print your boarding pass less than 4 hours before departure time they snag you 70 Euro??? I never had an airline texperience as poor as Ryanair. I will gladly fly Vueling and if necessary, EasyJet. I refuse to fly Ryanair.. They have dubious business practices and the whole experience is like flying in a tatty pub filled with soccer hooligans.

  15. LongTimeObserver
    LongTimeObserver at |

    All four big front seats… Can you admit you are an apologist?

  16. LongTimeObserver
    LongTimeObserver at |

    What won’t you do to apologize for these excuses for “service”?

  17. Carsten
    Carsten at |

    I have no idea why anyone going to Jutland would want to go via CPH and continue by train if they can go straight to an airport in Jutland (AAL,AAR, or BIL just to name few).

    I had a bit of a laugh reading the comments of TPG’s Ryan Air experience, but there is one thing I don’t understand. People seem to think that checking passenger in and printing boarding passes in the airport is cheap for FR. Perhaps printing one boarding pass is fairly cheap, but I am sure FR pays for every little bit of ground handling they receive. Hence by making check-in in airports an exceptional event, they probably cut down their expenses by good amount; and we all know what exceptional events cost. In other words, I am sure printing a boarding pass is cheap if you are printing boarding passes all day long, but if you are only printing one pass…. or if you get cheaper passenger handling because you expect they don’t need boarding passes.

  18. oh no
    oh no at |

    I fly Ryan Air a lot, this year about 29 trips. I have flow them for many years. I also have high status with legacy carriers, currently 2 major alliances. I am not a petty Ryan Air hater but I am sorry to say your have become an Apologist for them. I understand what I get and I am realistic. Because I fly more I may get better treatment from staff (sometimes) but this is due to individual circumstances that I will not discuss nor my routes. However, harbor no illusions this company is possessed of a spirit of selfishness and pettiness that one rarely sees in large organizations and few in the customer service business. I have seen and knew of staff fired for catering to customers. I have seen staff at airports encouraged to try to increase baggage fees at gate through over zealous use of sizer. (Some gate agents, mostly outsourced contractors, hate this.) Ryan Air engages in overt and covert discrimination towards disabled people as they require more expensive “handling.” They have been conducted less of this in the last few years, and yet it still goes on. I know of cases where upper level management staff is homophobic and curtails the advancement of LGBT employees, especially male employees they find too effeminate. They engage in overt and subtle manipulation of pass taxes and fees and continue to attempt to do so dispute several warnings and sanctions from EU. The “3 or 4” emails you received were the result of years of sanctions by the EU over deceptive practices, please do not forget to include this important bit of information.
    Lately they have been allegedly experimenting with creating boarding pass issues that increase phone calls (and hence phone revenue) and potential boarding pass printing issues at check-in among inexperience Ryan Air flyers. Other frequent Ryan Air flyers have noted this issue. Make no mistake, and harbor no illusions this company is EVIL towards its employees and customers. If Ryan Air had US assets and was subject to US law, I would and could litigate many of these issues. If Ryan Air disagrees with holding I would welcome the opportunity to submit their practices to US style discovery. The lottery tickets sold on board are perhaps one of the foremost secretive practices seemly designed to scam their customers.
    I use them a lot and they get me, close to, where I want to be. I like many of their front line employees, but I harbor no illusions over the intentions and motivations of management to allegedly run the airline as close to criminal enterprise as they can get away with.

  19. Bob
    Bob at |

    The last time (and I mean the last time) was from Frankfurt to London. Departure time came and went; no airplane. Also no Ryanair staff anywhere. Eventually, passengers found out from calling their families in the UK that the flight had been cancelled. But still no Ryanair staff and no news in Frankfurt. After hours and a near riot by passengers, we were allowed to retrieve luggage and make other arrangements (which I did on BA). Saving a little money isn’t worth it when you encounter a problem like this.

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