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  1. MilesAbound
    MilesAbound at |

    Seems that LGW-HNL is within the realms of current 777 distance being shorter than ATL-JNB. And LGW-PER would be shorter than EWR-SIN.

  2. brad
    brad at |

    They could just invest in some used 777-200LR’s and hit either route with no issue.

  3. brad
    brad at |

    Excellent point Seth, looks like you posted that response quicker then I could have pressed submit which validates your point and is probably why they won’t invest in used aircraft.

  4. Oliver2002
    Oliver2002 at |

    The concept of thin and long routes, raised as the USP of the 787, raises its ugly head again. Remember the hype aroud the 345 and the 77L connecting any point on earth? ULH rarely works. Nobody wants to pay for it, especially not the people flying Thompson.

  5. Joey
    Joey at |

    If they fly the 787 to HNL, that would be one of the nicer planes to fly to Honolulu.

  6. Trevor
    Trevor at |

    Ouch – that seems like it would be an especially long flight, and not very comfortable. From a quick look at seatguru, it looks like recliners in “premium economy” and regular economy. Of course, it goes back to the discussion on what constitutes “premium economy” from yesterday.

  7. Ralf
    Ralf at |

    On January 19, 2011, Lufthansa had a one time nonstop flight from
    MUC to HNL with A 340-600. The flight took 14 hours, 48 minutes.

  8. NB
    NB at |

    I would have thought Perth is more likely than Hawaii in terms of passenger demand. Remember Thomson is essentially a charter operator for holiday travel, so the planes have limited premium seating – and not very premium at that.

    I don’t think people in the UK would be prepared to consider stopping flights en route to their holidays, but they are quite intrepid as to where they will go. Bangkok is already popular for long haul, as well as some Caribean destinations, so I would imagine it would be possible to develop good Perth business, aided by the strong connections between the UK and Australia.

  9. Levy Flight
    Levy Flight at |

    What would put me off as a passenger would be thoights of 1) being cooped up in a seat for so long and 2) thst each route, at least in one direction has alot of open water before making final land fall. I kinda like a bigger margin on open water flights, psychologically.

  10. Lark
    Lark at |

    Questionable at best…

    But, it would be interesting to see them give it a try.

    Somebody has to push the envelope and figure out the ‘edges’ of the operating costs / benefits of the Dreamliner…

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