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  1. Tech Trainer
    Tech Trainer at |

    It is a shame. I paid for Comfort Class because it was a reasonable compromise for me / my client. They didn’t notice my slightly higher travel costs and I got a less exhausting flight from LAX-IST. There aren’t many companies willing to “put you in business for all international flights” anymore, at least in my line of work!

  2. Aptraveler
    Aptraveler at |

    Agreed, a real shame in general although I wasn’t too pleased with that middle seat either, but made the new IAH-IST flight much more pleasant.

  3. Robert
    Robert at |

    Agree, flew IAH-IST and thought the seat was great, same spacing as Biz. Shame, marketing fail.

  4. Matt
    Matt at |

    I loved comfort class and it felt like other carriers’ biz class — so many are copying this PC now like AC and LX — wonder if it will work for them? I will miss the TK comfort class!

  5. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    They “killed” first class and now they kill comfort class. Too bad.

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  7. David B
    David B at |

    Having flown this cabin several times it will be missed. I found the seats as comfortable as any outside true premium cabins, and would say combined with the excellent meals (albeit dubious wines) it rivalled UA’s old C product! I know some complained the pitch and recline wasn’t great but I found it comfortable. Of course, on all the occasions I flew CC, the cabin was hardly half full and upgrades were being sold for a reasonable $275 or so (each) between HKG-IST and IST-LAX. In my case, I flew these segments on an extraordinarily good fare ex-HKG to LAX via IST as a MR, a fare less than normal economy, so I can see from the airline’s point of view the cabin was just not generating the $s anticipate.. My other TK flights have been in business, trying both 777 and 330 versions. I suppose it will take some time to phase out and the TK ticket office across from my condo has not removed the huge CC posters from its window!

  8. david
    david at |

    starting from when wil they be removing them from the planes

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