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  1. Stephan
    Stephan at |

    How stupid…have a promo and then 700 hotels don’t participate? WTF? Hilton is leading the slide to oblivion. Who the heck is gonna care about them in a few years if they keep doing stuff like this?

  2. guy
    guy at |

    Meh. I have a work trip to Vegas within that time frame, and my bosses would probably not care if I stayed at the slightly more expensive Hilton properties (versus the convention rates available). But, why should I? What incentive do I have?

    Stay at a Hilton, collect all of these points, only to have them devalue even more next year?

    Nope. Pass.

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  4. cw
    cw at |

    This promo is a total joke. Why do the promotion to begin with if most hotels are opting out. The Hilton I am at in August opted out. If there is another chain hotel available i will book it and cancel Hilton. Once my points are used I will not stay at a hilton again. You have lost a loyal customer and will glad take my 10’s of thousands spent yearly to a competitor.

  5. Nick
    Nick at |

    I’m avoiding the chains that devalued earlier this year – most of them.

  6. theblakefish
    theblakefish at |

    This is so lame that I am having trouble even verbalizing my disappointment…