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  1. Rui N.
    Rui N. at |

    Wikipedia story about the airport is a little bit different from yours…

  2. jim
    jim at |

    bloggers like you can play helpful role in fighting these injustices
    like devaluation, fuel surcharge and other unfair rip off change fees.
    what is so worst about fuel surcharge is that it makes your miles
    absolutely useless and worthless. why use 80 or 100k miles for coach
    round trip to india and than pay $500 or 800$ in fuel surcharge fee? Your are paying 80% of the full cash fare on top of the miles. if
    that happens, than only good thing about using miles will be booking
    hotels. fuel surcharge is a rip off & fraud. change fees and extreme
    devaluations are also rip offs. FIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAND FOR US PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    1. Ryan E
      Ryan E at |

      Help me Obi-Wan Seth, you’re our only hope!

  3. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Not sure that it was a wise choice.