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  1. steve
    steve at |

    So basically they are saying: Look, our last merger never resolved work place issues, so we need to merge again to unify our company by adding people from another company?

    Seems as though they have some F’d up logic.

  2. DBalcon
    DBalcon at |

    And AA’s unions want to work under US’s management…what about US’s unions? They don’t seem to be working like nice little adults but rather like spoilt children. You’l have to explain this to me later today on one of our station stopts.

  3. Ake
    Ake at |

    The only thing for sure is that the two US pilot groups will have a common contract after the merger. This will solve the issue in question.
    If AA pilots (and equipment) will be on the same contract is something I cannot deduce from that article.