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  1. David
    David at |

    Very useful – thanks!

  2. Dave
    Dave at |

    Though I think IHG is kinda crappy, this is a great tool which I will have to keep in mind for those occasions where I need to stay at an IHG. Thanks!

  3. John
    John at |

    Hi, when I searched the hotels in Beijing, China, I think the cpp is calculated by Chinese currency. Is this intended? I think its very helpful if the cpp are all calculated based on US dollars 🙂

  4. Jeremy
    Jeremy at |

    Great tool. Similar issue in Europe; when I searched for hotels in Paris the cpp is calculated in Euro.

  5. KP
    KP at |

    Would vote to color code based on a CPP of 0.7, the reason being ihg points can easily be accumulated at that rate. Anytime the CPP is better that 0.7, book award stay (unless you are looking at revenue rates to qualify for other things like “big win” promo points)

  6. P T
    P T at |

    Thus is really nice! Thanks.

  7. John
    John at |
  8. Peter S
    Peter S at |

    I love your tools

  9. AM
    AM at |

    Awesome tool, as the rest of your tools!

    If no conversion then still show cpp in foreign currency, better than not showing it at all.

    I vote with both hands for award availability notifications. I think this is sorely needed, and lagging behind airline award availability tools. This extends to all hotel brands.

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  12. jackal
    jackal at |

    Nice tool. It would be AWESOME if you could make the columns sortable. (Doubly awesome if you could parse the distance from the search locus from IHG.com and include that…and then make that sortable, but that’s not a top priority for me because I’m usually looking at rate, regardless of how far it is.)

    There are a few other things I could request to make my personal mathematical calculations for value easier, but I think I’d be one of only three FTers (as someone who doesn’t give a rip about hotel chains and elite status) who would find it useful, so I won’t ask for those. :p