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  1. muerl
    muerl at |

    So I don’t think its the YR. Looking at for example the $640 BOS-PVG fare that people talked about earlier, the YR is only about $40 more.

  2. James
    James at |

    It took me quite some time to actually book this. Getting the fare to show up on the AA site was easy, but I kept getting error messages when trying to pay for it. I had to use the search by schedule feature (after I knew the exact flights I wanted, of course), and even then, I got a “System Error” after submitting the payment. So I had to call back in to AA and give them the date and the Flight number so they could provide me with the record locator.

  3. James
    James at |

    And the fair is gone now. The cheapest I’m seeing now is more than twice this price. Did anyone else get it ticketed before it disappeared?