Qatar Airways offering up to 25% off system-wide*

This 4-day sale offer from Qatar Airways came across my feed today and, while I normally don’t get too excited about this type of thing, I have to say that there are a few factors of this one which make it at least a bit compelling.

  • First up is that it is valid for an exceptionally long period of time – through 19 June 2014. Yes, there are blackout dates just before Christmas and just after New Years, but otherwise pretty wide open with the timing of the promo.
  • Next, it is valid in both business class or economy. Yup, premium cabin seats are included in the discount. And the Qatar Airways business class offering is pretty darn nice (based on one personal experience, at least).
  • It is also available on nearly every route the carrier offers in their network. There are some limits, but it is pretty darn comprehensive for long-haul travel.
  • Finally, there’s also a “teaser” promo on top of the discount allowing for passengers to possibly win up to 200,000 QR miles if booking through the link they supplied on Twitter rather than the regular PR version.

Of course, there are also some restrictions on the deal. It is advertised as system-wide but there are a few restrictions. None of the 5th freedom flights count and originating in Korea or Australia won’t work, either. Also, the sale does seem limited to specific fare buckets (O, Q, I & A) and they’re the lower ones so planes which are reasonably full aren’t going to get you those better rates. And the 25% is off the base fare, not the all-in fare, so the discount will end up being a bit lower than that overall. Still, I was able to find a few dates/routes where the savings was quite real.

Full price fare via ITA
Same flights, same dates, 25% off on the base fare. Giddy up!

Not too shabby at all.

So, yes, like most such promos there is a bit of fine print to wade through. But this one does seem to have more potential than other, similar offers I’ve seen recently.

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  1. By the new definition after joining oneworld, O and Q will become the lowest fare in Y, just like AA.

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