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  1. Adam
    Adam at |

    What is the basis for your objection to these regulations, as far as airlines should be allowed to do it themselves. In an ideal world, I would agree with you, but airlines have proven time after time that they are unwilling to do so — notice I did not say, unable. They are unwilling. They have failed to address this issue effectively, so it is appropriate for government to step in. This is a textbook argument for that intervention.

  2. Golfingboy
    Golfingboy at |

    FWIW, I think the report also cited on two of those planes that were delayed, the lavatory was inaccessible [not sure if it was for the whole time or for part of the delay].

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  4. Michelle S (Miles, Points, and Mai Tais)

    I’ve been stuck on the ground inside of plane for more than 3 hours before, and it WASN’T FUN. I’m glad they got fined! Hopefully, the government “interference” got their attention so they won’t do it again. Somehow I doubt it though.

  5. Miles
    Miles at |

    The DOT isn’t really enforcing the penalty as it is written. In this case, the actual loss to the airline (funds payable to the US Government) is only $475,000. The rest of the “penalty” is just crediting the airline with costs it would have to pay with or without the tarmac-delay rule.

    The actual rule lists a penalty of up to $27,500 PER PASSENGER. Based upon the 939 passengers who were forced to stay in the airplanes beyond 3 hours, the fine should have been almost $25.8 million.

    United is getting off easy.

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