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  1. Colleen
    Colleen at |

    So did you just pitch your last ticket and lose out, or did you retain some residual value?

  2. Alan
    Alan at |

    How much did u pay for the ticket?

  3. Alan
    Alan at |

    U get Orc for the second trip? Or u can a refund for trip in vain?

  4. Alan
    Alan at |

    Take care. Actually, I hate red-eye MR! I always prefer to sleep in the airport instead of redeye back. I managed to use SDC to change 3 of my redeye to a daytime flight so that I can sleep at the airport. but i think SAN is a harder one to sleep…. at some point, dont u think u have too many miles and it is not worth it anymore? i have a usd 180 trip for almost 6000 miles and there was a major schedule change. I am hoping to get a refund as I have just re-qualified for 1k. sitting with over 500K miles, it is not clear if it is worth to acquire more miles when status is out of the question.

  5. David
    David at |

    Seth, At FTU you said how you look forward to things going awry on mileage runs, due to keeping the miles and often getting a more direct route. Looks like this one wash a wash. Amazing to me how well you think on the fly!

  6. LarryInNYC
    LarryInNYC at |

    I learned something — Five Guys serves breakfast!