Coming up next on your IFE: Fund a startup

Run out of movies and TV shows to watch on your long flight? Maybe it is time to browse a collection of startup companies looking for funding. Turkish Airlines hopes that this scenario will play out in the business class cabins on their aircraft in the very near future. The program is called Invest on Board and is being launched in partnership with eTohum. It will offer up a number of videos from companies seeking investors, allowing the passengers to learn about the opportunities. The videos are expected to show up in flight soon.


Invest on Board describes their platform quite simply:

Invest on Board is a one of a kind opportunity for investors flying Turkish Airlines Business Class to invest in hand-picked startups. In partnership with eTohum and Turkish Airlines, this application features the video pitches of strong startups with huge potential. Exclusive, easy to watch, and replay-able, Invest on Board is that in the skies opportunity for which you’ve been waiting. Watch the video to learn more. Finding the next big business has never been so effortless.

Of course, for those not flying on Turkish Airways there is still the opportunity to invest in the companies. The videos are also available on the Invest on Board website. Most of the companies in the first cycle are Turkish which shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Ultimately this is basically just an advertising channel, with companies trying to sell themselves to anyone with money to spare. And while the marketing blub says it is only for business class the promo photo shows it in the economy cabin, too. That makes sense; it isn’t necessarily just the business class passengers who have money to invest or who are interested in a new idea.

It is a bit hard to believe that at quick blurb on the in-flight entertainment system is going to make the difference for a company seeking out funding. Then again, stranger things have happened and the ability to make these types of connections is often as much about being in the right place at the right time as it is about actively hunting down the right pairings. At worst it is a welcome deviation from watching the same movies over and over again.

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Seth Miller

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