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  1. dlawso
    dlawso at |

    Alaska has a very loyal customer base in Seattle. Their Elite program is good and cancel policies are progressive. They consider themselves a discount airline. I think Delta will have their hands full trying to purge Business travelers.

  2. chris
    chris at |

    Whatever happened to the rumor that Delta was trying to buy Alaska? Maybe this is all part of a plan hatched long ago in some ATL boardroom….

  3. ALCO
    ALCO at |

    If I lived in the Pac NW as an AS Elite, I would not be tempted by the DL flights. AS would already fly domestically to almost any major domestic/Canadian market from SEA, and would treat me better on their own metal. I could put up with an exit row on DL or MCE on AA for the domestic destinations AS doesn’t reach from there. I would also prefer the superior AS mileage currency over SkyPesos, which now allows a lot of flexibility (online searching of one-way or mixed-carrier awards for nearly all major partners, and allows for international F redemptions). Also, if I needed to fly TPAC/TATL from seattle, whether in business or coach, I could just fly DL and credit the miles to AS. Those DL longhauls do not directly compete with anything flown by AS, and are a benefit to the AS flyer. It’s not like DL makes upgrading on its flights easy for its own elites, as the SWUs are nearly worthless, and AS flyers have most of the same redemption options as DL flyers.

  4. MarkJ
    MarkJ at |

    Doesn’t look like all is perfect in the Delta/Alaska relationship. Perhaps Alaska is a little to blame as well. I think they added flights to Delta’s hubs in the last year and they tend to partner with just about any airline that comes along. I think Delta has big plans for international service out of Seattle…the question will be whether it is done in partnership with Alaska or in spite of Alaska. This could get really interesting before it is done.

  5. Lark
    Lark at |

    DL upped the offer to include double DMQM’s as well on their new SEA routes (SFO, SAN, LAS, LAX, etc.)

  6. jackson
    jackson at |

    . I feel that with the international expansion, they could really pull a whole different market into the mix if they shuttled passengers down from Vancouver where airfare is generally higher. Tag on the connection as revenue neutral and feed everyone through the SEA hub.

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