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  1. Ryan E
    Ryan E at |

    Interesting. I guess something like this happening in the U.S. isn’t likely anytime soon – aren’t there restrictions on foreign airlines operating domestically? Or maybe there wouldn’t be interest in it from international carriers anyway?

  2. Food Wine and Miles
    Food Wine and Miles at |

    Very interesting. I have a client in Lugano, so travel there a couple times a year. Many of them prefer to fly out of MXP, but I wonder if this might change that…

  3. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Two thoughts:
    1) Alitalia is failing…and with the news this week of no additional capital coming from Air France-KLM , I wonder if Etihad is looking into buying into Alitalia. Then I could see this new regional service taking hold between Italian cities and Swiss, German, and Serbian cities served by Air Berlin, Darwin, & Air Serbia.

    2) I wonder what SWISS is thinking right now ?!

  4. charles
    charles at |

    Lugano’s airport is a very scary airport if you don’t close your eyes. You should consider it only as a feeder to bring passengers to a hub. Once that is established it is easy to imagine that Italian passengers would be better served by flying something like LH to FRA and further connections.

    If Alitalia were to fail I imagine LH would be the immediate beneficiary. LX or OS might have been contenders but they now follow LH orders. The Italians have grudging respect for German efficiency.