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  1. Nick
    Nick at |

    A small percentage of customers is going to pick flights based on whether they can use their phones or not. I’m guessing this happens with wifi as well, and is probably one of the many reasons United’s performance has been so lackluster lately. So I’m guessing the carriers will eventually have little option but to implement it once it’s allowed.

  2. Chris
    Chris at |

    No one likes the guy talking on their cell phone until they have to be the guy doing it. There seems to be the tacit assumption that everyone else’s cell phone use is superfluous whereas one’s own use is always an extenuating circumstance, so it’s no surprise that when asked about someone else’s cell phone use, responses are generally negative.

    That aside, indeed, with the European Commission approving in-flight mobile network usage, it’s getting increasingly difficult for the FCC to justify its current stance on anything but historical grounds.

  3. RMF325
    RMF325 at |

    I heard on the radio today that Delta said they will not allow cell phone calls during flights; too much noise and chaos.

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